Why do we say #DefendBlackImmigrants


This week the 129 Haitian migrants were deported from Mexico, as the U.S. cleared thousands of Haitian migrants from a camp at the Mexican border in Del Rio, Texas. Among them is Alfred, who has been trying to find refuge across the Americas for over ten years. Alfred, morning his deportation, said, “I’m about to have a heart attack, thinking I left my wife behind.”

What we are seeing unfold on the news is an ongoing crisis. The U.S. has a sinister history of violence towards Black Haitians and intervention in Haiti. Black migrants, many of them Haitian, are nearly three times more likely to be detained and deported due to an alleged criminal offense. Migration is a human right, and for Black immigrants, it is a form of reparations for centuries of colonialism and extraction.

Join us next Thursday on Facebook live to learn more about this crisis also has implications for what is happening to Black migrants in N.C. If you care about immigration and Black Lives Matter and want to know more about how you fit in the fight to #DefendBlackImmigrants join us!

This event will stream on multiple Facebook pages, including NCBLOC‘s Facebook page.

Reference: https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/migrants-hopes-dashed-by-surprise-deportation-haiti-us-border-2021-10-08/