Let's Talk About American Rescue Plan Funds

Millions of dollars have been allocated to North Carolina to recover from the damages done by the pandemic through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funds. Unlike other funding sources for local governments, ARP Funds can have a democratic decision-making process, which creates a unique opportunity for grassroots organizations advocating for safety without policing. To learn more about the state of ARP funds in NC, we collaborated with the Sanford Policy Team and the North Carolina Budget and Tax Center to identify how local governments in NC are using the funds. In this report, you will find case studies on cities like Charlotte, Carrboro, Shelby, and Fayetteville, highlighting how elected officials have impacted the redistribution of ARP funds and existing efforts to use the funds for safety efforts without law enforcement involvement.

Advocating for the allocation of ARP funds might allow us to invest in community-based and non-policing safety efforts. This is a window of opportunity to set in motion our transformative programs in North Carolina.

Read this report to learn about the current climate of ARP funds. And, contact us if you would like to try funding your transformative program through ARP funds!

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