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Sheriffs play a key role in mass incarceration, mass deportation, and white supremacy. Learn more about sheriffs in our series of trainings, What You Need to Know About Sheriffs, to understand how this oppressive institution works and explore ways to fight against it. We are starting off with a Sheriff 101 on September 7th at 6 pm, with our co-facilitator Dawn Balgrove from Emancipate  NC! Sheriff 101 will help you identify where sheriffs cause harm and help you understand how various issue areas connect to problems brought on by Sheriffs. Come hang out with us, learn, and connect with organizers. Register

What You Need to Know About Sheriffs dates:

  • Sheriff 101: September 7th @ 6pm

  • Polimigra: September 12th @ 6pm

  • Campaign Finance: September 14th @ 6pm

  • Sheriff Budgets: October 3rd @ 6pm

  • Sheriff and Jails: October 5th @ 6pm

  • SROs: October 10th @ 6pm


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NC4BL is a Black-led, multi-racial and multi-issue movement, statewide platform, and formation. We are united in our collective goals of defunding the police, addressing anti-blackness in our movements, collectively engaging our bases, and protecting and honoring Black lives.

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